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Dwight Steven-Boniecki Film Director

Welcome! I'm stoked that you found this page!
"Searching for Skylab, America's Forgotten Triumph" was born out of 10+ years of research. Created for space enthusiasts like you, it offers rare glimpses into one of the most important and fascinating chapters in the history of space exploration. But don't take my word for it. See what others say & check it out for yourself. You won't regret it.
Dwight Steven-Boniecki
Dwight Steven-Boniecki

" It is so far beyond anything released previously, including the handful of official NASA films, that it stands alone and it shines as brightly as its mostly forgotten subject."
Rob Godwin, CG Publishing

"Even the most casual astro-nerd will revel in this respectful elegy to unsung space history"
The Register UK

"I never knew how much the missions did to advance our ability to work in space."
Jennifer, Audience

"A fascinating documentary film about the first American space station that was overshadowed by Apollo.“
Guido Schwarz, Founder of the Swiss Space Museum

"The film was extremely well done"
U.S.Space and Rocket Center, Huntsville, AL

“You did a great job and put in a suppreme effort. I loved it. WELL DONE!”
Dr. Ed Gibson, Skylab Science Pilot

“[You are] bringing Skylab to its rightful place in the history of manned spaceflight.”
Col. Jack Lousma, Skylab Pilot

“My team and I were very impressed by the documentary and I was particularly touched by the whole theme and it really sent me into another world.”
Razvan Ilie, Eastern Europe Film Festival

See the latest interviews with Skylab astronauts:
Paul Weitz | Joe Kerwin | Owen Garriott | Jack Lousma | Jerry Carr | Ed Gibson | Vance Brand | Bruce McCandless

"It was so fantastic and really flowed nicely!  Great footage of those involved in the missions."
Anonymous, Audience

"This film is more realistic than many others about space travel."
Anonymous, Audience

"I learned new stuff about the mission."
Anonymous, Audience

"I liked the original footage of astronauts."
Anonymous, Audience

"I loved the NASA historic footage!"
Anonymous, Audience

"This one has less "B.S." feel than a few other docs."
Anonymous, Audience

"The film gave a visual to what I only read in books."
Anonymous, Audience

"I liked hearing the astronauts tell their own story."
Anonymous, Audience

"I learned so much more than I realized."
Anonymous, Audience

"Told a true unknown story."
Anonymous, Audience

"I had not seen the film footage before of the crew in space mission control & student experiments."
Anonymous, Audience

"This movie is fantastic! Highly recommend this to any space race buff. So much material and information that I have never seen before. I only wish I knew about this film sooner. Great job on this!"
Anonymous, Audience

“I am just amazed at the amount of time and work that went into making this fantastic documentary.  Thanks to everyone involved!”
Anonymous, Audience

“Long Overdue:This is an extremely well done documentary. Skylab is truly one of the easiest forgotten parts of America's Space Program, as it grew out of the Apollo Moon Missions, but was invaluable in obtaining information the U.S. needed to conduct future long-term spaceflight. Thank You for bringing this into the light of day!!”
Steven J.

“My husband loved this Blu-Ray, with the collection of rare archival film including interviews with his hero astronauts. Highly recommended for space history fans!”
Angela M.

“Great docu-film!”
Massimiliano P.

“Fantastic video of Skylab program. ”
Terry W.

“I watched this with my son - you just made a 9 year old space nerd very happy and he thought the black and white presentation for the modern material was spectacular, maybe you'll have set a trend going.”
John Harris

“This movie is fantastic! Highly recommend this to any space race buff. So much material and information that I have never seen before. I only wish I knew about this film sooner. Great job on this!”
Justin Smith

“I purchased the film and enjoyed it tremendously at first glance. Have to look it a few more times to grasp all the new details. Very well done. I also agree that the archival material comes out much more when the modern interviews are monochrome.”
Dietrich Haeseler

“Really good documentary :) Did not know that Benjamin and Carianne were part of this project, nice that TMRO crew did their part.”
Josef Habdank

“An excellent documentary on US early Space Station. Never before HD video of Launch, Station and Astronauts in in zero g performing medical experiments. Skylab eventually end in western Australia! This documentary fills a huge gap from Apollo to the beginning of the Shuttle."
Michael Nagle

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